Love of Dunya and hate of death!?

12 06 2009




Juma Khutba delivered by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Friday 9 Jumad al-Akhir, 1430
June 5, 2009
Osmanli Naksibendi Hakkani Dergahi, Siddiki Center, New York

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim
Medet ya Seyyidi Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah wa shukr Allah. Astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah. How much should we say `astaghfirullah’? Say non-stop. The 21st Century people must be saying non-stop `astaghfirullah’ because everything we are doing is wrong, out of the way. Everything today’s people are running to do is wrong. It’s not according to the orders of Allah and His Prophet (sws) and they are insisting on wrong. So many people are insisting, staying on that wrong road. It’s not a good news. It’s not a good news to them.

Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying, `Obey Allah, obey His Prophet (sws), and obey your rightly guided leaders, those that are giving you news from Akhirat.’ Now it’s obligation to you to be obedient to them. If you are not obedient to them then you are obedient to your ego, to your Sheytan, nothing else. And every Juma that Ayat must be read, saying, `Have fear from Allah. Have fear from Allah and obey Allah.’ Fourteen hundred years it’s continuing non-stop. What happened to Muslims? They are sitting like robots, last minute they are running into masjids, as soon as they finish two rakats they are running out like somebody’s running after them. Must be. Sheytan is saying, `Don’t sit there for a long time. Come outside. You belong to me. You are my slave. We are going together to Jahannam.’ This is what Sheytan is saying to them.

Eh, whichever you like. Holy Prophet (sws) came fourteen hundred years ago. Fourteen hundred years ago all laws of this world has settled and finished. You cannot put anything in it and you cannot take anything out. You want to live like a human? Like a human that Allah and His Prophet (sws) like? You must be obedient to that. If you want to live like your ego says, then live. When Azrail is coming the eternal life is finished.

That is for us. Juma khutba is for Muslims, for Mu’mins. It’s not for unbelievers. Different sohbet to those. Juma khutba is given according to the place and how the people are behaving. That must be showing them the way. Later you cannot say, `I didn’t know’. You are hearing. You must be obeying. If you say, `I am obedient servant to Allah’ then you must be obedient to those words. Don’t look at the man who’s saying the words. Look at the words. The words are coming to you from Allah and His Prophet (sws).

The Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, `In Ahir Zaman my nation is going to be so many but they are not going to be good for anything. And their enemy is going to eat them, is going to take everything away from them.’ They say, `Ya Rasulullah, is it because they are going to be only a handful?’ He says, `So many they are going to be. But Allah subhana wa ta’ala is going to lift the Heybet of Islam away from them. So when their enemies look at them, they are not going to have any feeling, any fear from them. And they are going to attack them and they are going to finish them.’ That’s what happened today. `It’s because they are going to fall in love with this Dunya. They are going to love Dunya and they are going to hate to hear about death.’ This is what happened to the nation today.

No matter how much you are hating, it’s waiting right in front of you. Don’t forget. You get up early in the morning, you don’t know if you are going to reach to nighttime. Don’t be arrogant and stubborn to say, `I am strong and I am healthy.’ Go and look at the hospitals. Go and look at the morgues. You will understand how many healthy ones are waiting in the morgue to be prepared to be buried today or tomorrow. Go and look at it.

Allah has granted to you 24,000 breaths of life everyday. Everyday you are taking 24,000 in and out. It’s calculated. When that is finished your life is finished. Huh, today’s people don’t know how to spend their breath of life too. They are running around wildly. They don’t keep the orders of Allah and His Prophet (sws). They are sitting under the curses of Allah day and night and their life is shortening.

What we will do with that life? Why Allah has given it to us? Why He has sent us to this world? To be slaves to this world? Is that the reason for believers? To be slaves to the world? To run after the world? Or to prepare themselves for Akhirat life? That’s what the believer is supposed to be. Don’t say, `I am a believer’ and live a lifestyle like the unbelievers. Then you will be counted, you will be entering into the book as hypocrites. The unbelievers, the Kafirs are one step higher than the hypocrites. The hypocrites are in the lowest station of the hell-fire.

These words are for you and for me. Take it or leave it. But don’t forget. You can leave as much as you want but you are going to live as much breath of life as is given to you. When Azrail is going to come, there are two doors going out. One is the door of Rahmat and the other one is the door of Zahmat, difficulties. The way you live, the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, that’s how you are going to die. The way you die, that’s how you are going to rise to the Judgment Day. Look at yourself how you are living. What is your idea for life? Look at it and then understand how you are going to die. If you don’t like it then change it. Change it the way that Allah and His Prophet (sws) want it.

Allah subhana wa ta’ala sent His Prophet (sws) almost fifteen hundred years ago. Who rose against him? All those ones who were in love with Dunya. Those who love Dunya rose against the Holy Prophet (sws). Although they were saying that he is Muhammad-ul Amin, the most trustworthy one. But they rose against him. They rose against what he was saying to them. What was he saying to them? He said, `Don’t concentrate on this Dunya. Concentrate on Akhirat. Leave all the things that you are worshipping. Have fear from Allah and be obedient to Allah.’ This is what he was saying to them. Nothing else. And they all rose against one, saying, `Who are you to tell us this? One person you are coming to tell us this. Who do you think you are?’ They gathered together running to attack him.

Thirteen years the Holy Prophet (sws) didn’t take a knife in his hand in Makkah. They did their worst. They said, `You have to have power to put authority.’ He said, `I am not a Sultan to you. I am a servant. I am Abdullah. I am giving the orders of Allah to you.’ They didn’t stop. They ran wildly non-stop and what happened to them? That one person, Allah is raising him up and up and up and up. All the other ones together going down, down, down. He didn’t have the American government supporting him. Muslims are running today saying, `We want support! We want help!’ Run to get help from the hopeless and the helpless. Don’t run to the masjids of Allah saying, `Ya Rabbi, I am Your servant’ and run to get help from them. Look what happens to you and to them. Look what’s coming.

Wake up to yourselves. Don’t be ignorant and arrogant. Allah’s order is order. It’s not changing. The way that it came fourteen hundred years ago, that’s how it’s working. If you don’t know then it’s obligation to you to learn. It’s obligation to you to run after that. To run, to take and to apply to your life if you want safety in Dunya and Akhirat. If you want only a couple of day’s pleasure, it’s here, this Dunya. But don’t forget. Yesterday is passed and tomorrow is unknown. So if you are going live, live today like a wild animal as you like because you don’t know if you are going to reach for tomorrow. Or, live like a human just the way that Allah and His Prophet (sws) have ordered. Take lesson from yesterday, live today and prepare yourself for a better day tomorrow because Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying, `Your Ahir, the believers Ahir, the one that is coming after, is going to be better than today.’

The Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, `The believer’s today must be better than yesterday. Tomorrow has to be better than today.’ Look at yourself. If your today is better than yesterday and if you have hope that tomorrow is going to be better than today, you are a believer that the Holy Prophet (sws) has given description of. Or otherwise, you are in trouble. Shake yourself up and come back to the Sirat-ul Mustaqim. You are reciting the Surat-ul Fatiha asking to be in Sirat-ul Mustaqim. Stay on Sirat-ul Mustaqim. Don’t run copying the Christians and the Jews. Live Islam. There is no moderation in Islam. Anyone who is thinking that they are going to run to moderate Islam, they lost everything.

Wa min Allahu tawfiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha


Mona Rosa

10 06 2009