Juma khutbah: Those Blind In Dunya Will Also Be Blind In Akhirat

7 05 2009

Juma Khutba delivered by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Friday 6 Jumad al-Awwal, 1430
May 1, 2009
Osmanli Naksibendi Hakkani Dergahi, Siddiki Center, New York.

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim

Medet Ya Seyyidi Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah. Astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah wa atubu ilaih. The 21st Century people must be very busy with asking forgiveness and asking, saying, `Ya Rabbi, don’t count us from the Ghafiloon, from the heedless ones,’ because the 21st Century people are all falling into that virus, that sickness, that endless and depthless ocean of Ghaflat. Males, females, small ones, big ones, bosses, workers, community leaders, people who are leading the country, everyone is in Ghaflat. So many Imams, so many religious figures, they are in Ghaflat.

What is the biggest Ghaflat? For a man not to know his Lord, not to know his Prophet (sws), not to know his Book, not to know why he has been created, not to know what he is living for, not to know where he is going, not to know what he has been created to do. Count. Endless is coming. And Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying, `Those who are blind in Dunya will be blind in Akhirat.’ Do you think Allah is saying to the blind people in the world today? No. Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of Alim and Ulama came and passed, Awliya came and passed who were blind in Dunya. These eyes were not seeing but the work that they left is giving light to the whole mankind. The ones whose eyes are open are blind today because one of the biggest problems of the 21st Century people is that they are not busy with themselves. They are busy with anything else except themselves. They are not looking, `What am I doing and why am I doing? What am I living for? I am okay.’ Everyone is saying, `I am okay. I am the best.’ Eh, the rest? `They know nothing. I am going to teach them.’ That’s why the world is falling into a depthless trouble that it cannot come out from.

This world has seen two wars, two big wars. One, the first time that they have seen the war, if mankind realized it and understood what kind of damage they did to themselves, to the whole world, do you think right after the war they will be working top-speed to build better weapons to destroy each other in more wars? It didn’t pass fifty years. Did it? Did it pass fifty years after the first war? They have built machinery to destroy more people, more lands the second time. Do you think that mankind has learned something from that? No. Nothing. This time, huh, this time the Muslims are involved in it too. In the whole world, the Muslims are involved in it. Running top-speed, everyone is running top-speed building the machinery to destroy each other and destroy the world. This is what man is busy with. And every wrong action that you do, every wrong word that you put in it, every wrong thinking that you do, every attack, every slander, every lie, every cheating that you do, you will be counted with them. Don’t think that you are going to be separated. No. And what’s coming, the wind that is coming is going to blow up billions of people. Billions, not millions.

`We don’t want war!’ Everyone is screaming, running in the streets saying they don’t want war. What are you doing about it? Nothing. Just putting more fuel into the fire. Nothing else. And the Muslims are falling into the biggest heedless situation today. Wake up to yourself. Dunya is only passing. Akhirat is waiting. If you are not opening your eyes and you become blind in Dunya, you will go out to the other side blind. And Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying, `If you are coming to Akhirat blind then you will be raised blind.’ As we said, what are you doing? What is your business, that’s what you have to be busy with. And you have to be busy with the best of what you are doing. Today another big sickness is Malayani. Everyone is saying, `This is knowledge.’ Knowledge that doesn’t concern you is Malayani. The Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, `It is enough sign showing that Allah doesn’t love that individual when he is busy with Malayani.’

So when do you think we will be waking up? The day is twenty-four hours. Twenty-four hours is coming with twenty-four thousand breaths of life. How many millions is counted to you, do you know? Do you know when you are going out from this world? Today or tomorrow? How are we going to know? You are making a car and you have a gauge showing to you when the gas is going to come to an end and finish. If you are heedless then you don’t care, you don’t take care and you are going to get stuck in the highway or you get stuck in the mountains, or you get stuck in some area that no help is reaching to you. Now you are going to be in trouble. Allah gave you intelligence to look over there to understand that your gas is finishing and you have to take care of it. If you are not doing it, that means you are heedless and you are going to pay a price for it. There is a price to pay.

So many gauges in the car showing. One is for heating, one is for cooling, one is for this, so many. One is for speeding, you are checking the speedometer right in front of you. In every three or four minutes you are checking, `At which speed am I going? The police is waiting on the corner.’ Even if you are completely heedless, as soon as you see the police you look at the speedometer saying, `Let’s see what I’m doing.’ Are you thinking that much, how much Azrail is watching? There is an angel who is responsible for your breath of life. He is giving you warning, `You have this much breaths of life left.’ Are you hearing everyday? Ghaflat. Heedlessness. No hearing because blind, those eyes are blind.

So if you are blind in Dunya then you will be blind in Akhirat. Six thousand six hundred and sixty six Ayats have been sent to man, not to animals, to make man to wake up from that heedless station, to make man aware to understand why he is living, to make man know why he is living, to understand what he is doing and why he is doing. If you are not knowing that then what kind of Quran reading is this? You are giving Shahadat and then He tells you to make five times prayers. Five times prayer, you have to stand there to pray five times, five times daily you have to force yourself to wake up again to understand, `I am living for Allah and I am preparing to go to Allah.’ As the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, `Every prayer that you are praying, you must pray it like you are never going to reach to the next prayer.’ Is that what you are doing? Is that what we are doing? The Muslims, is that what they are doing? If you do that then you cannot be in that heedless station, you cannot be running after this Dunya that is not going to give you any value. You cannot be spending time, your breath of life with nonsense, with malayani, with slandering, with Ghibat. You cannot. Impossible.

Women and men are falling into the same sickness today. Did you make guarantee for your tomorrow? You made guarantee that Azrail is not coming for tomorrow? You have enough rewards that you want to give to others? If two rakats of prayers that you are doing in this time is accepted in the Divine Presence, everything is going to open in front of you. When you say `Allahu Akbar’ you are going to see the Kaba right in front of you. Are you seeing that? No, you are not. So the heart is closed. So do you read the Quran? You are not getting anything. You are not getting the value. You may be getting the Barakat and the Rahmat, you are not getting the value that is going to help you to walk on that Sirat-ul Mustaqim properly. You are fasting, but it’s not giving you anything except staying hungry. Eh, Zakat, I stop there. Let me not say because today only a finger-counted people are giving Zakat. The rest are not giving to Muslims. One and a half billion Mulisms. Why is that? Falling into that heedless station, not caring what Allah and His Prophet (sws) is saying. If you are not caring what Allah and His Prophet (sws) is saying then you are in the biggest heedless station. You are not waking up.

When are you going to wake up? Allah sent the Prophet (sws). He sent 124,000 prophets. Hold on to any one of them. It’s okay. He sent the last prophet, the Seal of Prophets and saying to us, `No more prophets are coming.’ Are we understanding that? Are we really understanding the delicacy? How dangerous it is? What kind of situation we are in? Are we understanding? Or are we just living like animals? Like sheep? Opening the barn, going out to grass, coming back in, eating, going back, eating. We have not been created for that. You have not been created for that. For those people we understand a little bit who are not accepting tariqats, they are not accepting sheykhs, they are taking every Ayat according to their understanding. I am not giving them credit but maybe just one percent I understand them. What about the murids that they are holding on tightly, they say, to the sheykhs? Where are you? When are you going to wake up? When are you going to open that heart? When is it going to open? When? In the grave? Is that what you are waiting for? Long process after that then.

Why is it not opening? Because you are busy with Malayani, with nonsense, with things that do not concern you, with heedless station. Nothing else. So wake up before Azrail is coming. And you don’t know when Azrail is coming to you. You don’t know when he is going to take the last breath of life. You can make so many plans. Your plans are going to stay here. Everyone has plans right now. When Azrail is hitting and going out, the plans are staying here. It’s not going one step ahead. Grave is waiting to everyone. And wake up to yourself. This world is finishing its time. Everything that Allah subhana wa ta’ala has created is running top-speed to the last minutes now, the last timing. It’s coming to an end.

We are the last nation on the face of the earth. No more nation is coming after this. We reached completely in the end. We are the Ahir. Ahir of the Ahir Zaman. We are the last of the last of the nations. The Holy Prophet (sws) came in Ahir Zaman, in the end of the times. The Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, `Between me and the Judgment Day is time like between Asr and Maghrib prayer. The sun is going down.’ From the time that the Holy Prophet (sws) came, in Asr time, fourteen hundred years passed. We just reached to the end of the time. The sun is going to set. The day is going to finish. We are the last nation on the face of the earth.

If you want to wake up then it’s more easy to wake up now, to open that blindness in the heart because millions today are not busy with that. They are busy with Dunya. And the Awliya Allah are looking for people that are making one sincere move, to open that veil for them. But they are not seeing that sincerity. They are not opening.

So, they are in safety. We are not. They are not in need of us. We are in need of them. If you wake up to yourself, if you sit down and if you understand the seriousness then you shake yourself up, you’ll be coming back to yourself and you start shaking when you come the prayers saying, `Ya Rabbi, I was in Ghaflat. Wake me up Ya Rabbi. Wake me up. Wake me up, Ya Rabbi.’ That’s why right after the prayers we are saying, `Astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah. Ya Rabbi, we are asking forgiveness from You that we have committed so many wrong things during the prayer time because we are heedless ones.’ Keep yourself busy with that. Put some sincerity into your life. Put some sincerity to yourselves. You will understand then.

You can take these words any way you want, anywhere you want. It doesn’t change. That’s the reality. For you and for me. To everyone that is going to come and everyone who passed. The ones who are in the grave now, they are crying and begging for one breath of life to be given to them. But it’s too late. It will not be given to them. Their time is up. Make sure we will not be those ones that we cry for that breath of life. We are in an awakening station through these eyes now. The eyes are open, the heart is at sleep. Those whose hearts are open, their eyes are closed and the heart is always awake. As when the angels came to the Holy Prophet (sws), one was saying, `He is sleeping’, and the other one was saying, `No, he is resting. His heart is open, receiving.’ We are from that nation, we are from that Prophet (sws). If we wake up now, it will be good for us. If we don’t wake up, they will wake us up.

Wa min Allahu tawfiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha




3 responses

3 10 2009

Today My thoughts were deep,and exactly the of same….as the contents of this artice I found while I gooled this Saying “Is Allah’s (SWT0 Dunya not big enough”. then I see this site , Alhamdulillah, Shukr Alllah… (My heart make Dua’a for guiadence) that Allah(Subhanna wa ta’ Ala) guide me, Alhamdulillah.No, this is no accident.

I have been and am in transition with My life and lving, My story is stil in progress as is My life, Alhamdulillah. Allah(swt) I feel He is guiding Me, but where? I only know I must leave where I am, but how… I live among the aligators who know not I am Muslim, and in a city called (“Taif”) USA (figuratively).

I am minority of one, so I must conceal Myself. No Masjid, no umma, no Muslimeen only Kafr swim in these wtrers that surround Me. Insha’allah I will go wherever Allah(SWT) lead Me out of this forsaken and desolent enviorment I am stuck in….

May Almihty Allah (subhanna wa ta’ ala) guide and protect all His Mominum, Insha’allah.

Shukriah for hearing a voice in the wilderness,surrounded by lonliness isolation were I live (USA)l.

Fe Amani Allah(swt)

4 10 2009

Dear Asma’a,

Asselamu aleykum wa rahmatullah,

Alhamdulillah. I am glad to hear that you find this usefully. Well, I really understand you and see that it is a difficult position you are in. I think you must have patience and just think that there is always a good explanation of things as happen in this world – Khayr inshAllah.
If you are feeling lonely and don’t have strenght to do tackle the situation then I recommend you to make du’a. Sometimes it can be hard not to be a part of the majority – I also live in a country which muslims is minority group. So you are not alone…

Just listen to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIEoWSB63hI

Allah knows.

Fi Amani Allah

30 10 2009


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