18 01 2009

You are walking and you see a Lion in front of you,
you run away from it until you see a cliff,
You use a rope to climb down it,
but you see there is a Crocodile at the bottom.
Then you see black and white Mice nibbling away at the rope.
You see no escape and begin to feel scared.
Then drops of Honey begin to drip into your mouth from a honeycomb above.
Due to the sweetness of the honey, you forget the danger that surrounds you.


The Lion is Malik-ul-Maut ( angel of death ) who will eventually catch up to us.
The Crocodile is our grave that we forget and will one day end up in.
The black and white Mice are our wasted days and nights that have passed,
and the Honey is this Dunya.
So engrossed in this world we fail to remember exactly how close death is…




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