Absolutely happy

15 12 2008


All masters are moving towards Heaven and through the Seven Heavens. But first you must cut the tunnel of your ego. When you reach out of that tunnel you will find that there are no more bad desires remaining with you. You will be pure. At that moment you will taste the Sweetness of Lights, the Sweetness of Mercy, the Sweetness of Beauty, the Sweetness of Love, the Sweetness of Knowledge, the Sweetness of Wisdom, the Sweetness of Will Power and the Sweetness of Perfection.

Until then you must be patient and follow. You must not say, “Oh, how long do I have to follow without seeing anything?” No, the tunnel is according to your ego, long or short. May Allah grant you to reach your Heavenly Stations; you will then be happy, absolutely happy.

Source: as quoted from the sohbet(discourse)
by As-Sayyid Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Haqqani
(Descendant of the Prophet sallAllahu
alaihi wasallam)




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